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eleade Diagnostics.

World leading performance data acquisition.

Scientifically validated.


Key competences of football talents are decided by the complex interplay of physical and cognitive abilities. The knowledge of leading analysts and scouts therefore focuses on the objective recording of relevant performance data. A new generation of e-Data is used to determine performance structures. The Talent ID decodes the complexity of a player matrix on the individual path to the performance elite.

Science and practice - the absolute strength of the eleade Talent ID


Scouting and intelligent data analysis on and off the pitch. Standardized special tests, newly developed on the basis of current data. Diagnostics of key competencies. Linking of relevant performance parameters via continuously developed algorithms.


Talent is worldwide,

we make it visible

Scientific Methods developed by analysts of the german national Teams and scientist at the German sport university.


Combining our experiences and extensive sports knowledge in improving footballtalents with scientifically valid methodologies.



The eleade-Index sets a new Benchmark in objective talent assessment.

Talent to a simple formula: eleade uses the Talent ID to determine a player profile. The eleade index makes the current performance of talents within their comparison groups transparent - taking into account real physical developments (the "relative age" effect). 
Talent ID and eleade Index stand for an objective evaluation tool that offers decision-makers more security in the long-term promotion of top talent. This allows options for action to be placed on an independently verified basis.


the football matrix of the future is the validated data link of today.

The formula for success

More security and reliability in the performance development of young elite players with the next generation of e-Data


The Talent ID with the eleade index is a decision-making tool geared to the needs of the elite top football level. The sports science know-how of leading German football analysts and scouts focuses state-of-the-art research findings with optimized e-Data instruments. For ambitious young players, the benchmarking tool is the appropriate instrument for the differentiated highlighting of their own potential.


Lock on. Compare. Evaluate.

You want to know what level your current football performance is at?


Set your benchmark. Compare yourself with benchmark players from the European (and selected international) top nations using objective key figures. Determine your personal level in relation to worldwide data sets.

Objective. Valide.


The talent training of today shapes the decisive factors of tomorrow. Knowledge advantage with e-Data and artificial intelligence brings transparency to the complexity of performance potential.


Dr. Robert Rein
Science Lab

Research assistant at the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics at the German Sport University Cologne (since 2015) 


Machine learning and advanced statistical techniques

Tactical analysis in football using position data

Expertise in the field of tactical analysis in numerous scientific publications and lectures


Jani Schmidt
Executive Director

UEFA B License (Germany)

B.Sc Sport and Performance 

(German Sports University Cologne)

Analyst for the German A National Team & U21
(Team Köln)

Coaches Development for the German Football Association (DFB)

Professional Players in 1on1 coaching

Alexander Otto

UEFA A License (Germany)

PhD Sports and Science

Team-Coaching experience in youth

(1st and 2nd league) and senior

Professional Players in 1on1 coaching

Analyst and instructor of analysts for the german A national team and u21 (Team Köln)

WorldCup 2010, 2014, 2018

European Championships 2012, 2016

René Browarski
Executive Director

BA of Sports and Science

(German Sports University Cologne)

Talentscouting Development & Mentoring for the FVM (FA of Westgermany)

Professional Players in 1on1 coaching

U18 Selectionteam

U12-U16 Regionalteam

coaching for FVM

(FA of Westgermany)


Steffi Bütow


PR Project- and Communication Lector (since 2002)


Development and Projectmanagement at the German Patent Office (Munich)

Media Coordination and Representation of renown Cultural Events around Cologne


"'Football is only a game.' That is the most outrageous nonsense of the lot. Football is a science, it's an art, it is war, ballet, drama, terror and joy all rolled into one." 

Tom Utley


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